EURO 2012

A tax blackmail


According to the portal UEFA blackmails Poland that it will take the Euro 2012 Championships away and move it to Spain. Everything started because of the promised tax allowances.

Poland has promised tax allowances to UEFA if Poland will be chosen one of the Euro 2012 host countries. Today, after three years, the Ministry of Finance does not want to lose the income brought by the taxes connected with organization of the European Championships.

The European federation has obtained a warranty of tax relief, however it has no legal force. On the other hand it is a fact that the allowances for UEFA approved by Poland cannot be negotiated. The Minister of Finances does not want to lose the huge income brought by the UEFA, which may have serious consequences.

In the meantime, Spain has declared the will to organize the championships. The Spanish government has not only promised to resign the taxes, but also has assured of the ability to prepare for the Euro 2012 within two months.



Project "Euro 2012" is addressed to participants, visitors and football fans coming to the European Football Championship, which will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine in the summer 2012.

Apart from logistical support (accommodation, travel, stay) the participants will need practical language guide and cultural information package, helping them to participate in Euro 2012 and move in hosting countries without communicative barriers.

The aim of the project will be to develop comprehensive didactic materials related to Polish and Ukrainian languages and culture: on-line language courses and practical information guide tending to present their specific features.

EURO 2012